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Transform your left-over beads into a best seller!

What you need...
  • HAIR COMB Assorted beads Leaf charms x 3 Beading wire Hair comb

  • TOOLS Basic Jewellery Making Kit (see p76) Crimping pliers
  1. Hair Comb - 1. Cut 1m of beading wire and tie it round one end of a hair comb. Use pliers to pull the knot tightly and ensure it is held firmly in place. Thread the wire with a couple of leaf charms, then knot them in place.

    2. Thread the wire with two or three beads of varying sizes. Wind the wire tightly round the first section of the comb, so the beads are held firmly on the front. String on two or three more beads and wind the wire round the next section in the same way. Continue to bead the length of the comb, then tie the wire tightly at the other end. Knot on a couple of leaf charms firmly as before and tuck the ends of the wire in amongst the beads.

  2. Make it yours - Create a cocktail ring by wiring various beads onto a 10-loop ring base.

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