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Just Peachy Tiara

Designer: Brenda Harvey
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Create Brenda Harvey's bridal set by combining pearls and crystals.

What you need...
  • BEADS Bicones, SWAROVSKI Elements: 4mm, crystal, light peach, mint alabaster, pacific opal; 6mm, erinite, Pearls: freshwater, 3mm-5mm, white, 5mm-6mm, white, mint green, peach; glass, SWAROVSKI Elements, 6mm, peach, powder green, Clusters, freshwater pearls, peach, Rondelles, rhinestone, 6mm, Flowers, diamanté: Itsy; Emily

  • FINDINGS Hair comb, metal, silver-plated, Crimp beads, silver- plated, Wire: bead stringing; silver-plated, 0.4mm, Clasp, toggle, silver, Earwires, silver, Head pins, silver

  • TOOLS Glue, G-S Hypo Cement, Beading board, or fleece mat, Wire cutters
  1. Cut 40cm of 0.4mm silver-plated wire and wind one end around a tiara band several times, 2cm along from one side of its central point. Attach a large diamanté flower to the band by feeding the wire through the gaps until it sits firmly in position. Thread the wire up through the top of the flower, add a single peach glass pearl and guide it back through the flower.

  2. Pull the wire taut and bring it back up through the flower at the three o’clock position. Add another peach glass pearl as before and continue around the flower until you have four, equally spaced, pearls in place. Add four mint alabaster crystal bicones in the same way, in between each of the pearls.

  3. Position a selection of crystals and pearls in a clustered, random format along the tiara so that they hide the band. Add each bead to fresh lengths of short wire, alternating the colours and sizes and wrap each wire once around the band to hold firmly in place. Hide the end of the last piece of wire by winding it twice around the band, neatly tucking it under a crystal or pearl and cutting it very close.

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