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Create Brenda Harvey's bridal set by combining pearls and crystals.

What you need...
  • BEADS Bicones, SWAROVSKI Elements: 4mm, crystal, light peach, mint alabaster, pacific opal; 6mm, erinite, Pearls: freshwater, 3mm-5mm, white, 5mm-6mm, white, mint green, peach; glass, SWAROVSKI Elements, 6mm, peach, powder green, Clusters, freshwater pearls, peach, Rondelles, rhinestone, 6mm, Flowers, diamanté: Itsy; Emily

  • FINDINGS Hair comb, metal, silver-plated, Crimp beads, silver- plated, Wire: bead stringing; silver-plated, 0.4mm, Clasp, toggle, silver, Earwires, silver, Head pins, silver

  • TOOLS Glue, G-S Hypo Cement, Beading board, or fleece mat, Wire cutters
  1. Begin by securing two small diamanté flowers to the top of a hair comb blank, firmly wrapping with wire to hold them securely in place. As these flowers do not have any gaps in them you will need to remove the central crystal, so that the wire can cross over the frame. Do this by gently bending back the claws. Add a dab of strong glue before replacing the crystal and bending the claws back into place.

  2. Thread a length of wire with a single freshwater pearl, fold the wire back on itself so that the pearl sits at the head of a loop and start to twist the two sides until you have formed a stem 2.5cm in length, being mindful not to pull it too tightly as it may break.

  3. Wind the free end of the wire around the comb once and make another twisted stem. Alternate the colours of the pearls, include a few crystals and vary the lengths of the stems, as shown. Continue working your way along the whole length of the comb until you have created a spray of pearls and crystals.

  4. To complete, cover the bar on the comb with pearls and crystals in a clustered, random style, using the same method as for the tiara. Hide the ends of the wire as before and finish by arranging each of the twisted stems so that they randomly protrude from the hair comb.

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