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Juicy Fruits Necklace

Designer: Corinne Bradd
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It's cool to be kitsch with Corinne Bradd's funky strawberry and apple accessories

What you need...
  • BEADS Wooden: apples x 10; strawberries x 11, Pearls, red, 3mm, Rocailles: silver-lined, lime and pink; opaque, yellow and orange

  • FINDINGS Beading thread, nylon, Clasp, barley twist, silver-plated, Earwires, silver-plated, Jump rings, silver-plated

  • TOOLS Pliers: round-nosed; flat-nosed, Glue, transparent
  1. Necklace - 1. Cut a 1m length of nylon beading thread and thread a wooden strawberry bead onto the centre. Add seven different rocailles and pearls onto the thread at either side, ensuring the pattern is symmetrical.

    2. Place another pearl onto one side of the thread and pass the other end through this bead in the opposite direction, joining the beads in a loop over the top of the wooden strawberry. Add seven more small beads onto one thread and then a pearl as the joining bead.

    3. String on seven different rocailles and pearls after the joining pearl in the same pattern as step 1, followed by a wooden apple bead, then another seven small beads. Take the thread through the joining pearl at the beginning of the sequence, creating a loop above the apple bead.

    4. Continue adding fruit beads and loops to either side of the necklace in this way (alternating between strawberries and apples) until you have used nine wooden beads in total.

    5. String a repeating pattern of rocailles and pearls to each side of the necklace until it is the desired length. Knot the ends of the nylon tightly to the rings of a clasp and secure with a dab of glue. Allow the adhesive to dry, thentrim away any excess thread to finish.

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