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Create Helen Cant’s sparkly resin set using coloured fusible films

What you need...
  • BEADS Metallic, round, silver stardust: 6mm x 12; 12mm x 6

  • FINDINGS Resin, Pebeo (Gedeo) Crystal casting, Choker necklace wire blank, 43cm, silver-plated, Jump rings, 10mm, silver-plated, Ring blanks, flat pad, silver-plated, Fusible films: Citronella; crystal pearl; mint sparkle; cotton candy; astral blue

  • TOOLS Pliers, flat-nosed, Casting moulds: faceted teardrops; bangle, Ice cube tray, rectangular cavities, Measuring cups, graded in millilitres, Plastic mixing cups, Cocktail sticks, Lolly sticks, Drill, hobby, Wet and dry paper: 240 grit; 1000 grit, Glue, epoxy resin, Tracing paper, Ruler, Pencil, Scissors, Heat gun (optional), Car lacquer, clear, can (optional), Baking paper (optional), Iron (optional)
  1. Necklace - 1. Trace the outline of a faceted teardrop by placing a sheet of tracing paper over the cavity of a mould. Cut out the shape and use it as a template to cut a piece of fusible film. Repeat a further three times, using various colours of film. Crumple each of the pieces into balls, then smooth them back out.

    2. For a more opaque look (as demonstrated by the pink resin teardrop at the end of our necklace), crumple two or three sheets of different coloured fusible film into a ball. Smooth out, place them between two sheets of baking paper and fuse them with an iron. Cut a teardrop shape from the resulting piece.

    3. Prepare 45ml of resin in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Pour to half fill five cavities of the teardrop mould. Remove any air bubbles by popping with a cocktail stick or heating for a couple of seconds with a heat gun.

    4. Position one of the pieces of fusible film into each of the cavities of the mould, pushing downwards with a cocktail stick to ensure they are completely covered. Use the remaining resin to fill the cavities. If the film moves or floats up as the resin solidifies, gently push back into position with a cocktail stick, then allow to set for at least 48 hours.

    5. Ease the pieces from the mould and sand the rough edges with wet and dry paper, using plenty of water. Apply a coat of clear lacquer and leave to dry. Drill a small hole vertically through the top of each of the resin pieces and thread a 10 mm jump through each of the holes.

    6. Unscrew the ball from the end of a blank wire choker necklace then feed a 6mm silver stardust bead followed by a 12mm silver stardust bead then another 6mm one onto it. Attach a resin piece onto the necklace via the jump ring, then follow with the same sequence of beads as before. Repeat the process of threading resin pieces and beads onto the necklace then, once they are all added, screw the ball back onto the end.

  2. Try Another... - Use resin and fusible film to create a cabochon to secure to a ring blank for a matching accessory.

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