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Humble Abode

Designer: Cathie Shuttleworth
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There’s no place like home with Cathie Shuttleworth’s faux embroidery designs

What you need...
  • Paper: purple, cream, orange, blue, pink
  • Pens: fine liner felt tips; acrylic, white; pink; orange
  • Decorative frames, small
  • Punches: flower, circle
  • Embossing tool
  • Gems, self-adhesive
  • Adhesives
  1. 3-D House Frame - 1 Copy the template from our pattern pages onto a mix of coloured papers. Score the dotted lines with a straight edge and embossing tool. Cut out along the solid lines, then fold the scored lines.

    2 Remove the glass from a small decorative frame and cut coloured paper to fit inside. Trim windows from a different coloured paper and glue them to the face of the house. Repeat with the roof. Turn the roof over if you want to compose your own pattern.

    3 Use fine-tipped colouring pens to draw details over the roof and house. Glue the three tabs on the base and sides of the house and attach it to the contrasting backing paper through the frame. Once dry, glue the tab on the roof and place it in position.

    4 With an acrylic pen, lightly brush pigment randomly onto the frame – before it has a chance to dry, wipe the colour off with a piece of tissue so the colour remains on the raised areas.

    5 Punch out paper flowers and circles, join them together and attach to the frame with glue. With a fine acrylic pen, dot white spots around the house and flowers as highlights. Add self-adhesive gems to finish.

  2. Paper Embroidery Houses - 1 Copy the black and white house illustration from the pattern pages onto cream paper. With fine-tipped pens, infill the image with colour, mixing spots, stripes and checks. Cut out around the outside edge, then glue and mount onto coordinating coloured paper and trim.

    2 Make a tall side-opening cream card and attach a strip of purple paper down the centre. Glue the house to the card. Attach a message below, made using matching felt-tipped colours. Add gems to finish.

    3 Attach the house to different shaped cards and add paper flowers, clouds, chimneys and different messages for various occasions. To make the house free standing, copy our triangle shape and glue the tab to the back of the house. Position the triangle at a right angle.

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