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These beautiful bath bombs are just one of The Soap Kitchen's wonderful Christmas recipes!

What you need...
  • Equipment
    Weighing Scales
    Large Mixing Bowl
    Small Bowls
    Rubber Gloves
    Measuring Spoons
    Mixing Spoons
    Bath Bombs Moulds (65mm)

    600g Bicarbonate of Soda
    150g Citric Acid
    30g Cream of Tartar
    20ml Polysorbate 80
    20-25g Olive Oil (Pomace)
    25ml Christmas Cranberry Fragrance Oil
    Emerald Coated Mica Pigment
    Red Coated Mica Pigment
    Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
  1. CHRISTMAS SPLATTER BATH BOMBS - 1. Weigh out all the ingredients and place into appropriate containers.

    2. Put on your gloves and place the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid into the large bowl, mix well with your hands. Next, add in the cream of tartar and polysorbate 80, then mix well.

    3. Add the olive oil into your mix and blend thoroughly with your hands, work away any lumps that may have formed. Repeat this step with your fragrance until all your ingredients are evenly dispersed throughout the bath bomb mix.

    4. Using a hand sprayer, a little at a time, add water to the mix. Make sure you continuously mix to avoid it fizzing up in the bowl and only add enough water so that the mixture starts to hold together when lightly squeezed in your hand.

    5. Once the consistency is correct, grab the moulds. Fill both of the moulds, ensuring that one half is just proud of the surface (one side fuller than the other). Press the halves together for a few moments ensuring they are lined up.

    6. Tidy up the edges and leave the bath bomb to dry in its mould until completely solid (this can take a few hours). Repeat with the other moulds until all the mixture is used up.

    7. As soon as the bath bombs are completely dry, remove them from their moulds and place on a flat surface. In a small bowl add in the emerald colour and spray with IPA, enough to create a liquid consistency. In a separate bowl repeat this step with the red colour.

    8. Using a pipette, suck up some of the green colour and splatter across the bath bombs, do the same with the red colour until you get your desired finish. Then you can enjoy your Christmas Splatter Bath Bombs!

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