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Beautiful Christmas fairy lights made using glitter glue

What you need...
  • Dremel Glue Gun 930 Hobby with 7mm glitter glue sticks x 3/4 packs
  • Dremel Glue Pad
  • LED rice bulb string lights
  • Baking parchment
  • Table tennis balls x 2
  • Marker pen
  • Rubber bands
  • Egg cup
  1. Christmas fairy lights - 1 Making the simple flower shapes - easy
    For the simple single flower shades, use a marker pen to draw a number of circles approximately five centimetres in diameter on a piece of the parchment paper. Mark a point in the centre of each circle. Flip the baking parchment over. Fit a 7mm Dremel glitter glue stick in your Dremel Glue Gun and set the gun onto the cool heat setting. Use your Glue Gun and glitter glue to 'draw' a circle of glue approximately the diameter of the fairy light bulb in the middle of the large circle.

    2 Using the picture as a guide, take your Dremel Glue Gun and 7mm glitter glue stick and make a flower shape by 'drawing' petals that extend out from the inner circle with the tips touching the larger circle marked. 'Draw' a number of flowers. Allow the glue to dry, then peel the flowers off the baking parchment.

    3 To complete a single flower shade, gently push a single flower over an LED bulb and using your Glue Gun and glitter glue stick, apply a small dab of glue at the back of the flower to keep it in place just behind the bulb. If the diameter of the circle is a little too small to allow it to fit comfortably over the bulb, enlarge it by using small scissors to make a series of snips radiating out from the centre.

    4 Making the composite flower cages - fairly easy
    For the composite flower shades, make the flowers in multiples of three as described in steps one and two. Pass a single flower over a bulb as described in step three and use your Glue Gun and glitter glue to apply a small dab of glue at the back of the flower to keep it in place just behind the bulb. Apply a dab of glue along one petal and immediately press the second flower to it, lining up the centre hole of the flower against the bulb. Apply a further dab of glue along the other side of the same petal and press a third flower to it as before. Apply a final dab of glue between the second and third flowers to create a 3D flower that encases the light bulb.

    5 Making the glitter glue balls - intermediate
    To make the glitter glue balls, first draw a line around a table tennis ball to divide it into two hemispheres. Cut a square of baking parchment and place the ball in the centre, drawing the ends around and twisting them together to contain the ball snugly; ensure that the line dividing the two halves is clearly visible. Secure the paper with a rubber band.

    6 Repeat on the second ball. Then, on one half of each ball, use your glue gun to 'draw' a thin line of glitter glue around the line marked. Apply more lines at random angles over the upper half of the ball only to create a mesh. Allow to dry while repeating the process on the second wrapped ball.

    7 When dry, carefully remove the glue half from each of the paper-covered balls by pushing and rolling the edges gently to release them; the glue is flexible so should remain unharmed.

    8 Using your Dremel Glue Gun and glitter glue, apply a dab of glue to the edge of one of the hemispheres and lay one of the bulbs across it so that the bulb sits centrally within it. Apply a further dab of glitter glue at the point where the wire crosses the hemisphere and position the second hemisphere on top of the first to make a globe. Ensure that the two hemispheres align, then apply a line of glitter glue around the equator to join the two halves.

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