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Why not whip this cute little set up for a little fun on Christmas morning?

What you need...
  • Silver tone beads, round: 8mm x 6; 10mm x 6
    Polymer clay, Fimo:tropical green (53); emerald green (56); glitter red (202)
    Jump rings, 10mm
    Bracelet blank, silver
    Head pins, silver
    Earwires, silver
    Kilt pin, three loop
    Pliers: flat-nosed x 2; round-nosed
    Cutters, wire
    Needle tool
    Rolling pin, acrylic
    Talcum powder
    Drinking straw, narrow
    Cutting mat
  1. Bracelet - 1. Use the templates provided and cut out three holly leaves from paper. Dust a piece of paper lightly with talc and roll out pieces of emerald and tropical green polymer clay to 5mm thick on top. Lay the templates over the clay and carefully cut out an emerald and a tropical green leaf using a scalpel.

    2. Carefully score lines on the leaf for veins, then pierce a hole near the top for hanging. Use a narrow straw to cut out a semi-circle above the hole to accommodate jump rings. Gently twist the leaves to shape, then make five more emerald green and five tropical green leaves.

    3. Roll 18, 6mm berries from glitter red clay. Use a needle tool to make holes in each one and place them on a baking tray along with the sheet of paper with the holly leaves. Bake in an oven according to the manufacturer’s instructions and allow to cool.

    4. Thread two leaves, one of each shade onto a 10mm jump ring. Repeat to secure 10 more leaves onto five jump rings and attach to a bracelet blank, spacing them evenly. Thread the red berries onto head pins, make neat loops and trim any excess. Thread three berries onto each pair of holly leaves, making sure the jump rings are tightly closed after.

  2. Brooch - Make up one emerald and two tropical green leaves, plus three glitter red berries. Thread the berries, plus six 10mm silver beads, onto individual head pins and form neat loops. Slip one berry and two silver beads onto 10mm jump rings with a holly leaf. Secure the three rings onto a kilt pin, with the emerald leaf between the two tropical green ones.

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