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Combine striking crystals and decorative knotting to create Amanda Walker's eye-catching pieces

What you need...
  • BEADS Bicones: light sapphire, 10mm; montana, 8mm; peridot, crystal AB, light sapphire, 4mm Cosmic Ring, 30mm Cubes: light sapphire, peridot, 6mm

  • FINDINGS Head pins, Crimp beads, Earring hooks, Cord ends, Jump rings, Clasp, lobster, Phone charm loop, Thread: waxed cotton, aqua; beading.

  • TOOLS Jewellery glue, Darning needle, Pliers: round-nosed, flat-nosed, Wire cutters
  1. Necklace - 1. Cut four 60cm lengths of cord, double them over and attach to one side of the cosmic ring. To make the beaded circle motif, thread a crimp, one 4mm peridot bead, 14 4mm light sapphire crystals, a peridot gem and another crimp, followed by a 8mm montana bicone onto a length of beading thread. Pass one end back through the 8mm bead, crimp and peridot, and the other in the opposite direction. Pull the two ends in opposite directions to form a circle, pinch the crimps with pliers, then trim the excess thread.

    2. To assemble the beaded cube motif, pass both ends of a length of beading thread through a crimp bead and secure with flat-nosed pliers, creating a loop. Pass a 4mm peridot bicone onto the two threads, then separate them and add an AB bead, followed by three cubes and another AB. Repeat this sequence on the other thread and pass both lengths through a green 4mm bicone. Attach a crimp and feed the two ends back through this to make a small loop. Pinch the crimp to secure and trim any excess thread.

    3. Thread an 8mm montana bicone close to the cosmic ring on a single cord length. Take two cords and cross and tie the two lengths at the front, securing the bead. Thread the circular motif around all of the cords, then pass the two strands underneath, crossing them at the front of the cords so the loop is firmly atached. The cube motif is attached in a similar way, continuing the criss-crossing of the cords, to secure

    4. For the end tassel, thread three head with a crimp, a 4mm peridot, an 8mm montana, another green gem, a 10mm light sapphire crystal and one more 4mm peridot. Bend the top of the pin at a right angle close to the last bead, trim to 1cm then using round-nosed pliers, bend into a loop.

    5. Divide the longer cords into pairs,thread and tie a beaded pin to the centre of one set, then tie the two remaining pins to a higher place on the other cords. Double the end of each pair back up towards the necklace and trim to the same length. Adhere all the strands together apart from one of the cords which has been used to cross and tie. Use this to bind the glued area, as shown.

    6. Cut four 80cm lengths of cord and attach to the opposite side of the cosmic ring. Thread a montana bead onto one of the strands, then use a separate length of cord to bind the rest together. Separate the strands equally, glue the ends together and attach a cord end to both sides. Fix a jump ring to each one followed by a lobster hook at one side.

  2. Make it yours - This jewellery has been made up in bright spring colours, however the look and feel can be changed by using mocha shades and brown cord.

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