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Happy Hauntings

Designer: Ellen Kharade
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Invite your pals to a crafty Halloween party with these quirky makes

What you need...
  • Polymer clay, Fimo Soft: tangerine, black, apple green, red, white
  • Jam jar
  • Lollipop sticks, two
  • Papers, patterned
  • Card: green, orange
  • Stamps, alphabet
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesives: Bake and Bond; PVA; foam pads
  1. Spider Place Setting - 1 Transfer the spider motifs onto polymer clay and trim around the shapes with a scalpel. Using a round cutter, press out three circles from the body and replace with red discs of clay. For the eyes, create two small white
    balls with black centres. Stamp a name into the clay. Place the spider in the oven to bake.

    2 Rub acrylic paint into the stamped name and wipe away any excess. Trim green card, 12.5cm x 25.5cm, then fold in half. Stick orange patterned paper, 11.5cm square, onto a base card.

    3 Glue green patterned paper to card and cut out a circle, 11cm. Cover the back of the spider motif with a little PVA and position in the centre of the circle. Fix the motif to the front of the card using foam pads.

  2. Party Cat Invitation - 1 Condition a block of green clay and roll it to a thickness of 1cm on a glass chopping board or similar. Transfer the cat motif onto paper and cut the design out using a scalpel. Place the paper cut motif onto the polymer clay, and cover with a sheet of paper. Press the pattern into the clay with a rolling pin.

    2 Carefully trim around the clay shapes, removing the cut out pieces as you go. Place a clean sheet of paper over the clay motif and rub it gently with the palm of your hand. Add RIP to the tombstone. Leave the piece on the chopping board and place in the oven to bake. Allow to cool down in the oven. Rub a little white acrylic paint into the letters to highlight them. Assemble a card blank and attach the cat as shown.

  3. Bat Cake Toppers - 1 Apply a little Bake and Bond adhesive to the end of a lollipop stick. Roll out a 2.5cm oval of black clay and make a slit on the underside, then push the lollipop stick into the slit.

    2 Roll out a 1.5cm oval of black clay for the head and stick to the body with a little Bake and Bond adhesive. Add two little ovals for the feet. Roll out two balls of white and stick to the front of the face for the eyes. Add two smaller balls of black for the pupils. Take a black oval for the nose and stick to the front of the face. Pinch two black balls into ears and attach to the head.

    3 Roll out a small ball of black clay; pinch points at the top, bottom and side to model the wings. Trim and stick the wings to the body. Place the bat in a glass or jam jar to support it and bake. Make several other cake toppers in the same way.

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