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Add a touch of class to your living room with this elegant glass candle holder

What you need...
  • Candle holder, glass, square
  • Glass paints, purple, green, frosting medium
  • Outliner, imitation lead
  • Brush, fine, soft
  • Pen, felt-tip, fine, water-based
  • Kitchen roll or cotton buds
  1. Candle Holder - Remove any grease from the candle holder by washing in warm soapy water, then dry thoroughly with a lint free cloth. Lay on its side and decide on the shape and size of leaves you wish to paint. Draw your motifs onto one side of the candle holder with a fine, felt-tip pen, using our design as a guide if you wish.

    Practice using the glass outliner on a scrap of paper before you start, as it sometimes takes a while for the tube to flow smoothly. Go over the leaves and leave to dry for an hour. Carefully wipe away any felt tip that hasn't been completely covered, using a cotton bud or kitchen roll.

    Don’t worry if your outlining is a little wobbly, as small imperfections really don’t show once the painting is complete. If you make a major mistake, simply leave the outliner to dry, cut both ends of the faulty line with a sharp knife and lift off with the tip of the blade.

    Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and mix frosting medium with the glass paints. Leave the colours for a few minutes before using them, to allow any trapped air bubbles to dissipate. If any are caught in your painting, prick them with a very sharp needle.

    Fill one section of a leaf at a time, allowing the pigment to flow right up to the outliner without going over the edge. The best tip at this stage is to think of the outline as forming the wall of a reservoir. Leave to dry, then repeat the process on the next side of the holder, until all four are completed. - Pebeo Vitrea 160 and Vitrail paints

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