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Get your Halloween party off to a scary start with these spooky treats

What you need...
  • Card: black, orange, purple, green
  • Punches: circle, 1.6cm; circle, scallop, 2.5cm
  • Cord, black
  • Pens: marker, black; gel, white
  • Beads: black, orange
  • Glitter, black
  • Skewers, bamboo
  • Eyelets
  • Adhesives: glue, PVA; foam pads, 3-D; tape
  1. Party Invitations - 1 Cut a circle from white card, 7.8cm, and one from coloured, 9cm. Use a black pen to draw stripes around the edge of the coloured circle, then stick the white to it off-centre. Using the template, trim a bat from black card. Create eyes from white, then a mouth and wing lines using a white gel pen. Add black glitter to the wings using PVA.

    2 Trim a strip of paper, 4cm x 14.5cm, then score at 2.8cm intervals to create a concertina effect. This will be the invitation. Use a computer to print out the words beforehand; Darlin font in size 24pt
    was used for this project. Stick the top of the invitation to the white circle, fold up, then fix a coloured rectangle to the end, 2.8cm x 4cm. Add a name as shown.

    3 Attach the bat to the top of the circle using 3-D foam pads, then add a hole to the top with an eyelet and secure black cord in a loop to create a hanger. Halfway down the invitation make a hole, then another two below it. Thread cord, 27cm, through the bottom right hole, out of the top hole, over the invitation and through the lower left.

    4 Punch four black scallop circles. Tie a knot in the length of cord on the right, then place a scallop circle behind it. Secure 3-D foam pads either side of it, then stick another circle on top to create a 'slider' effect. Cut a coloured circle, 2cm, then add an ‘open if’ sentiment to a smaller white one and fix together. Adhere to the black scallop. Repeat to create an 'if you dare' one. Add a wooden bead to the left cord and knot the end.

  2. Flying Bat - 1 Using the template, trim out bat shapes from black card. Cut slots in the body for the face and wings, then trim eyes and fangs from white card and use a white pen for the mouth. Stick the two wings together underneath the bat with clear tape.

    2 Punch two small black holes on both wings. Thread black cord through and tie to make a hanging, then pop a small chocolate bar into the body. This adds enough weight to balance the bat so it can 'fly'.

  3. Party Picks - 1 Make mini bats as before, this time with no glitter. Cut coloured circles, 4cm, and add stripes. Print off or write the food descriptions: witch warts (popcorn), frog eyes (grapes) and skin flakes (crisps).

    2 Cut them out using a 1.6cm punch, before sticking to the coloured circles. Add the bats to the circles, then secure bamboo skewers to the back with tape.

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