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Make our Halloween cards to give someone a spooky start on the 31st!

What you need...
  • Card: mid violet, dark violet, yellow, orange, lilac, white, mid green, dark green
    Paper: green, spotty
    Punches: circle, 2.5cm; 5cm; hole
    Ribbon: light green, black
    Brad, large, yellow
    Googly eyes
    Pen, fine line, black
  1. Boo! - 1 Place the template's fold line against the fold of a violet blank, then draw around the edge before cutting out to create a coffin shaped card. Cut out two smaller coffin shapes, one yellow and one deep purple, using the smaller templates. Layer together and fix on the card.

    2 Print out 'Boo! Happy Halloween' using Times New Roman 48pt and 24pt, then trim using the template provided. Attach and decorate with a large brad. Draw around the skull template on white
    card, trim and secure.

    3 The skeleton hands are created from strips of white card, approximately 4mm thick, and the circles are made with a hole punch. Assemble parts, then doodle onto the finished card using a black
    fine line pen.

  2. Tricks & Treats - 1 Cover the front of a blank with orange, then use the template provided to create a pumpkin-shaped card. Cut out the facial features with a craft knife. Stick purple card inside.

    2 Create the stalk with spotted paper and the template, then glue into position. Print out the sentiment on lilac card, then use the tag template to cut around the text. Attach with light green ribbon, then
    add detail with a black fine line pen to finish.

  3. Monster - 1 Create a green blank, 10.5cm x 15cm, then add eyes made from discs of coloured card and googly eyes. Print out 'Monster Birthday Wishes' onto white card, then cut into a 4cm strip. Trim four
    more strips of the same width, then distress all the edges with green ink.

    2 Layer the card together on the blank, as shown. Tie a 3cm strip into a knot and colour the sides as before. Stick onto the top left-hand corner of the blank, then draw in broken lines around the eyes
    and the edges of the bandages.

  4. Bewitched! - 1 Fold A4 card in half, and with the top of the shoe template against the fold, trace around. Cover with violet card, then carefully trim away excess before attaching a deeper violet panel to the heel.

    2 Use a hole punch three times along the top of the boot, then thread small lengths of ribbon. Secure the ends using double-sided tape. Add a bow. Print out the word ‘Bewitched’ using Script Bold
    text in 36pt on orange card. Cut into a thin strip and attach to the leg section, along with similar strips of coloured card.

    3 Using a 2.5cm circle punch, cut black card and attach small lengths of thin black ribbon to the back. Add googly eyes and fix into position. Using a fineline black pen, doodle on your card with broken lines.

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