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Celebrate Halloween With tina Booth's Bold Necklace featuring Bright Beads and Howlite Skulls

What you need...
  • BEADS Rounds, glass, 10mm, orange and black x 2 strands, Rondelles, glass, faceted: 4mm, bright orange x 1 strand; black, 7mm x 5mm x 1 strand, Skulls, howlite, cream: 15mm x 10mm x 12; 20mm x 15mm x 1

  • FINDINGS Head pins, ball, 40mm, silver tone, Elastic, beading, Wire, nylon-coated, 0.6mm, black, Bail, ornate, black, Crimp beads, Chain, extension, 8cm, Jump ring, Clasp, bolt ring

  • TOOLS Pliers: round-nosed; flat-nosed, Cutters, wire, Glue, jewellery, or nail varnish, clear
  1. Slip a small orange rondelle and a 15mm x 10mm skull onto a head pin and using round-nosed pliers, roll the end down to form a bail. Repeat seven more times. Pass a black rondelle onto a length of nylon-coated wire and secure it 8cm along by looping the strand back through the bead. Add seven small orange rondelles followed by a 15mm x 10mm skull and another orange rondelle.

  2. Pass the wire through a black ornate bail and back through the orange rondelle and skull to create the other side of the tassel. Add five orange rondelles and a black rondelle, then take the strand back through as before, leaving another 8cm of wire and cut. Curl the ends by running them along roundnosed pliers.

  3. Cut 1m of wire and attach an extension chain to one end with a crimp, then add a jump ring to the chain. Thread a black rondelle onto the wire followed by an orange and black round four times. Next add a black rondelle, an orange and black round and five orange rondelles, then pass the end of the wire back through the orange and black round from left to right, pulling the orange rondelles up to form a semi-circle. Repeat three more times.

  4. Repeat this sequence a further four times, forming the semi-circle from four orange rondelles with a skull drop in the middle. Add a black rondelle and the central skull pendant, then repeat the beading sequence in reverse to complete the other side of the necklace. Attach a bolt ring clasp to the opposite end with a crimp bead to complete.

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