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Carolyn Letten Shows how to create homemade stitched Mother's Day Cards

What you need...
  • Fabric: cotton, striped; turquoise; floral; yellow, green scraps
  • Card blank
  • Stamp, tag
  • Machine thread
  • Ink-pad
  • Buttons, two
  • Glitter glue
  1. Take an A5 card, fold in half and trim 1cm from the side. Using glue stick, fix blue stripe fabric to the front, overlapping onto the back by 1cm. Attach the patterned fabric and machine stitch across the join.

  2. Take the pink patchwork flower, place it onto the front of the card, and stick down with glue. Set aside. Using a tag stamp and black ink, print onto yellow fabric, allow to dry, then stick it onto card. Machine or hand-stitch ‘lovely mum’ onto the tag and trim around it leaving a border.

  3. Tuck the tag just under a petal of the flower and secure by stitching around the flower. Stitch green leaves down as shown, adding a green stem. Finally, attach a button and small dots of glitter-glue to highlight.

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