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Goody Two-Shoes

Designer: Cathie Shuttleworth
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Create a pair of matching heels and shoe-themed cards with our how-to

What you need...
  • Paper: New Bloom, First Edition; brown, recycled
  • Ribbon, silver
  • Gems, self-adhesive, silver
  • Wooden reel
  • Compass
  • Embossing tool
  • Pen: fine, black; acrylic, white
  • Pencil, white
  • Chalk, brown
  • Adhesives
  1. High Heels - 1 Copy the template onto decorative paper. Cut one of everything, except for the sole which you’ll need two of. Score the dotted lines with an embossing tool and ruler.

    2 Turn the tabs under on the heel and toe piece. Glue the heel tabs and attach them to the underside of the sole, making sure it’s centred. Secure the toe tabs in the same way. Attach the strap, followed by an extra piece pointed at the end with scissors. Top with a paper buckle.

    3 Glue the underside of the sole and attach it to the second sole, sandwiching the tabs in between. Stick the ends of the moon shape and attach it at an angle over the toe. Trim a flower from co-ordinating paper and decorate the front of the shoe with it. Add a silver gem to the centre.

    4 Make three stacking tags held together with silver ribbon and glue to the strap. Wrap paper around a wooden reel and glue to the underside of the shoe to make a heel. Create another shoe to make a pair.

  2. Matching Card - 1 Using a compass, draw a circle from decorative paper and cut out. Score across the middle and fold in half. Refer to our pattern pages to trim two soles. Cut shapes from offcuts of co-ordinating paper to create two straps, heels, buckles and toes.

    2 With a fine black pen, draw an edge and stitching lines around the shapes for added detail. Layer up the pieces on top of the soles, creating two shoes in a style of your choice.

    3 Foam mount the shoes to the face of the semicircle, leaving space to attach a tag or topper made from co-ordinating paper. Cut flowers and shapes from the paper to make decorations for the shoes.

  3. Men's Greeting - 1 Copy or print our brogues illustration onto recycled brown paper. Buff dark brown chalks on the shoes to indicate shadows and use a white acrylic pen and colouring pencil to draw on highlights.

    2 Cut out and attach with glue to a striped square of paper, allowing them to overlap at the top and bottom. Mount onto a contrasting side-opening card.

    3 Print out a message onto brown paper using a different font for each letter. Draw a line around each word and add stitch marks for extra detail. Glue to the card to finish.

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