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Add that extra-special touch to your outfits with this gorgeous girly jewellery set

What you need...
  • Chain, silver
  • Boltring, silver
  • Jumprings, silver, small, medium
  • Earwires
  • Headpins
  • Charms: starfish, silver, two; hearts, silver, filigree, four; swirly birds, silver, three; daisies, resin, lilac, two; dragonflies, resin, lilac, two; hearts, shell, orchid, two
  • Beads: ovals, medium, resin, lilac, five; squares, lilac, resin, five; piattine, flat, glass, dark pink, four
  • Pliers, round-nosed (two pairs)
  • Cutters, wire
  1. Bracelet - Cut the chain to the required length (18cm should be long enough for most wrists). Add a boltring to one end and a medium jumpring to the other. Gather together the assorted charms and beads and before you attach any of them, position them alongside the bracelet to decide where you want to place them.

    To attach single shapes such as the shell hearts, starfish and dragonflies, you will need a jumpring. Hold it firmly between two pairs of round-nosed pliers and move your hands in opposite directions, so that the ring is opened by gently twisting, rather than pulling, apart. Thread the charm onto the ring, which is then passed onto the chain.

    Firmly grasp the two edges of the jumpring between the pairs of pliers, and bring the ends back together by reversing the opening action you used before. To add a two or three-bead dropper, thread the gems onto a headpin, bend the wire to form a right-angle above the top bead and trim to 1cm with the cutters. (Save the lengths of wire that you cut off for making the earrings).

    Holding the end of the wire between the tips of a pair of round-nosed pliers turn your wrist to create a circular loop. To join the dropper to the bracelet, gently twist open the loop, thread onto the chain and carefully twist again to close. Follow this process to make the little dropper which consists of a single swirly bird and a flat piattine bead.

  2. Earrings - These have been made in a slightly different way to the bracelet, as they consist of three items, each of which is on a wire (the lengths that were trimmed from the headpins) with a loop at both ends, plus a single heart added at the bottom.

    To start, thread one of the square lilac beads onto one of the wires, and form a circular loop at each end by following the instructions for the bracelet. Do the same with the swirly bird and the oval bead.

    Join the square bead to the earwire by gently twisting open the loop, threading it through and carefully closing. Repeat this process to attach a bird and an oval bead, then finish by adding a silver heart at the bottom. - All items used in this project

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