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Gingham Stitched Dolly Pattern

Designer: Amanda Walker

This gorgeous little lady in red is the ideal way to bring a smile to loved one’s faces

What you need...
  • You will find the template for this project here
  • Fabric, cotton jersey, gingham, felt
  • Toy stuffing, polyester
  • Edging, lace
  • Thread, embroidery, brown, red
  • Needle
  • Embroidery
  • Ribbon, red
  • Wool, tapestry, brown
  • Finger, gauze
  • Popper
  • Sewing machine
  1. Making the Doll... - 1. Using the template provided on the pattern pages, cut four arms, and two each of the remaining body pieces from cotton jersey. Snip two shoes and two soles from red felt. Trim two of each bodice piece, two sleeves and a rectangle, 11cm x 50cm, from red gingham.
    2. Stitch the legs to the top of the shoes leaving a seam allowance, 3mm. Cut two pieces of finger gauze to the same size as the base of the legs. Sew the ends of these to the centre back leg seams, above the shoes.
    3. Fold the legs over, matching the centre back seams together, and stitch from the base of the shoes to the top of the limbs. Sew the soles to the shoes, then turn the legs through to the right side. Stuff each limb with filling. Match the back leg seams to the centre front notches and sew across the top.
    4. Divide the four arm pieces into two pairs and stitch them together around the edges, leaving a small gap. Turn through to the right side. Fill with stuffing, then stitch the opening closed. Sew the centre front and centre back body seams together, then the two darts in the base of the back body.
    5. Position the arms at the side of each shoulder and stitch to secure. Repeat for the legs. Cross the arms over one another, then place the back of the body on top, matching the shoulder seams, body base and neck together. Stitch from one side of the lower body right around the neck and down to the other side. Turn right way round.
    6. Stuff the body, then slip stitch the gap closed. Mark the eyes and mouth onto one of the head pieces. Sew the two head shapes together, leaving the top open. Turn it through to the right side and stuff. Fold in raw edges, then close the seam with running stitch, gathering up the top of the head as you go.
    7. Sew the eyes in brown thread and the mouth in red. Stitch the head to the front of the neck. For the hair, cut through both ends of three hanks of tapestry wool. Divide into bundles of four strands then use another length to tie them together. Repeat until there are 36. Sew the centre of each one in four rows across the top of the head, and add ribbon.

  2. Making the Dress... - 1. Cut two front and back bodice pieces, then match each set and stitch at the shoulder seams, leaving a 5mm allowance. With right sides facing, again match the shoulder seams and stitch the centre back, around the neck and down the other side.
    2. Clip around this seam then turn right side out and press. Stitch a hem, 5mm, to the base of the sleeves, applying the lace edging at the same time. Sew each piece to the bodice, gathering over the head of the sleeve, to fit the armholes. Stitch 1cm up across the base, gathering a small section in the centre.
    3. Stitch the underarm seam of the sleeve and bodice side seams together, leaving a 5mm allowance. Press a fold, 5mm, into the base of the skirt and stitch across the hem, applying lace edging at the same time. Crease and sew a 3cm hem at the top two corner edges of the skirt rectangle.
    4. Gather the top of the skirt to fit around the the bodice and stitch in place. Sew the centre back seam of the skirt together, from the lace edging to the base of the small hems made earlier. Stitch a popper to either side of the back neck of the bodice to fasten the dress.

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