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Give your bathroom goodies a splash of class with colour-pop packaging

What you need...
  • Soap, melt and pour
  • Bottles: Vecchia Antiqua clear glass, 100ml, wood cork; clear PET Apollo bottle, 250ml; chrome collar pump
  • Papers, patterned
  • Card, pale green
  • Buttons, flower, small
  • Yarn, green
  • Dies, scallop circle
  • Adhesives
  1. Bath Salt Sachets - 1 Score 1cm and 2cm down the landscape edges of a sheet of blue card, 10cm x 21cm, then score across the sheet at 8cm, 10cm and 18cm intervals. Concertina fold and unfold the long edges before creasing along the shorter score lines. Snip away the top corners of the card sheet and trim the top flap into a smooth curve.

    2 Cut intersections of the scores at the base gusset so the sides can be folded in. Decorate the front panel with patterned paper shapes, then attach a flower button to the centre by sewing yarn through all the layers of card. Fold in the sides of the bag so they overlap and secure using double-sided tape. Squeeze along the concertina so the top of the bag narrows.

    3 Fold over the flap and add a decorative motif to the centre. Pierce two small holes in the motif and thread another doubled length of yarn through this. To finish, fill with toiletries before closing the flap by binding the loose ends of yarn around the button on the front.

  2. Bottle Wrap - 1 Measure the height of a glass-stoppered bottle to the join of the neck, then cut a strip of paper to this depth and width, but 1cm longer than the circumference. Fix paper around the bottle using double-sided tape, taking care to keep the strip level.

    2 Die-cut a small scallop circle from patterned paper and a larger one from coloured card. Attach one to the middle of the other. Line up a flower button and pierce two small holes through both layers of card at the centre.

    3 Take a doubled length of yarn and tie the button to the centre of the tag through the two holes. Knot above the button to leave a long loop of yarn. Make a small hole in the top of the tag, thread the loop through the hole and wind around the neck of the bottle several times, to finish.

  3. Patterned Label - 1 Cut a rectangle of patterned paper and a taller one from pink card, then layer the two together and fix lightly to the front of a tall pump action dispenser. Cut two scalloped circles from patterned papers and secure to the centre.

    2 Wrap a double length of cotton yarn around the middle of the cylinder several times before threading the ends through the holes of a small flower button and knotting tightly to finish.

  4. Soap Wrap - 1 Make a bar of soap using a recipe pack, follow the instructions and leave to set and cool. Turn out of the mould and wrap carefully with cling film to prevent water condensing on the smooth surface.

    2 Measure around the bar and cut a 3cm wide strip of card 2cm longer than the measured length. Score a section in the centre of the card strip, so it's as wide as the bar. Crease the scores before wrapping the card tightly around the bar and securing with double sided tape.

    3 Decorate the card strip with a narrower piece of patterned paper. Cut a small scalloped circle and stitch a small flower button to the middle. Fix the embellishment to the centre of the wrap.

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