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Garden Themed Papercraft Makes

Designer: Cathie Shuttleworth
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Create a card, seed packets and watering cans from card

What you need...
  • Paper, double-sided, patterned, assorted colours
  • 3-D relief paint, pearl
  • Butterfly stickers
  • Self-adhesive gems
  • Buttons
  1. Peace, Love and Flowers Card - 1 Fold a white side-opening card and face with blue paper. On square pale blue, draw black lines with a fine black pen, as shown. Top each line with a button.

    2 Cut green shapes for the leaves and attach either side of the line. Glue the button flowers to the front, leaving plenty of room around the sides.

    3 Snip strips of border paper and adhere around the flowers, building up the design from the inside. Add a message at the bottom of the card.

  2. Watering Can - 1 Copy the template download from Crafts Beautiful July 2012 (issue 242) Template Pack onto your chosen paper. Score the dotted lines and cut out. Glue one end of the watering can to the other, overlapping the ends at the bevelled edge.

    2 Run glue around the bottom inside edge of the can and drop the base in from the top, pushing down to the bottom with the tabs facing upwards, then attach a spout to the front and a handle to the back.

    3 Wrap another handle over the top, hiding the ends on the inside. Decorate with strips of paper topped with gems. Add names and self adhesive butterflies, folding the wings up to create dimension

  3. Seed Packets - 1 Score and fold all the dotted lines on the envelope pattern, then glue the tabs and join together. Decorate with names or a message. Use paper toppers to finish, embellished with pearl white 3-D relief paint.

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