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Funky Polymer Clay Cutlery

Designer: Ellen Kharade
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Ellen Kharade shows how to give your cutlery a new look with her stylish polymer clay project

What you need...
  • Polymer clay: raspberry, sunny yellow, tangerine
    Cutlery set
  1. Roll out the yellow clay into a rectangular sheet, then carefully wrap it around the fork. Smooth over with your fingertips to remove the join. Gently pat the clay into the palm of your hand until the surface is even and blemish free.

  2. Roll out a very long sausage of raspberry clay. Starting at the base of the fork, wind it around the handle covering the yellow clay. Keep turning it until the pink coil works its way to the top. Finish with a small decorative curl at the end.

  3. Make 40 small orange balls of clay. Place each one evenly in between the spirals on the handles. Wrap a collar of raspberry around the base of the fork. Work the spoon and knife in the same way. To set the clay, position a ball of plasticine in the base of a glass and push the cutlery into it. Place in oven for 30 minutes to bake.

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