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Ellen Kharade provides a polymer clay tutorial to tell how you can craft a funky candle holder

What you need...
  • Polymer clay: raspberry, sunny yellow, tangerine
  • Tea-light holders, glass, two
  1. Take two thirds of a block of orange clay and roll into a large flat sheet. Carefully, wrap around the tea-light and trim excess, using it to cover any bare areas of glass. Smooth over the joins with your finger tips.

  2. Pat the clay using the palms of your hands until the surface is smooth and free from blemishes such as fingermarks and dents. Take your time whilst doing this, it is important to ensure a professional finish to the decorated piece. Trim away any excess clay at the top and bottom of the tea-light.

  3. 3Roll out a thin sausage of raspberry and lay in a teardrop shape centrally on the surface of the tea-light. Make another in yellow and position on the outside of the raspberry one. Continue to decorate as shown in the picture. When complete, place the tea-light onto a baking sheet and following the manufacturer's guidelines, set in the oven for 30 minutes at 110°C. Leave to cool.

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