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Give your crockery a seasonal makeover with this fresh and funky collection

What you need...
  • Jug, glass
    Tumbler, glass
    Plate, white, small
    Paint: Pebeo, Outliner, green glitter, rose glitter; Vitrea 160, bengal rose, rose pink, pepper red, sandalwood green, tea green, mint green
  1. Jug - 1 Clean a glass jug thoroughly using warm soapy water. Secure a wide strip of masking tape around the top, under the rim. Apply a thin wash of mint green paint to the areas above and below with a wide brush, moving it quickly. Leave to dry.

    2 Transfer the design onto the glass using the template provided. Place it inside the jug with the image facing out, then trace the motifs directly. You'll need to move the guide along as you colour the work.

    3 Start by transferring the leaves onto the rim, as shown. Mix one part tea green with two of sandalwood, then trace the long side of each motif before colouring in. Gently curve the brush around the shape to create a shaded effect.

    4 When all the leaves are complete, leave to dry. Remove the mask and reposition the template behind the main curve of the jug. Trace the full cherry motif onto the glass. Repeat until the surface is covered, keeping the designs equally spaced as shown.

    5 Apply a thin coat of pepper red to each cherry and leave to dry. Mix one part bengal rose with two rose pink, then paint over the previous layer allowing some areas to remain visible. To create a shaded effect, highlight the shape with bengal rose.

    6 Leave to air. Using the same blend of green as for the leaves, apply colour to the stalks. Add small dots of co-ordinating glitter outliner at random intervals around the thin band below the rim.

  2. Bowl - Wash a glass bowl in warm soapy water. Transfer the cherry motifs around the rim, using the template provided. Colour the design as for the jug.

  3. Plate - 1 Wash a white china plate thoroughly with warm soapy water. Using a wide brush, apply a thin wash of mint green paint to the rim ensuring it's slightly darker around the outer edge.

    2 Using the template, transfer the cherry motif onto the centre of the plate. Mix one part tea green with two sandalwood, then carefully shade in the leaves; outlining the shapes before colouring fully. Allow to dry.

    3 Apply a thin coat of pepper red to the cherries. When completely dry, mix one part bengal rose with two rose pink and highlight the motifs, leaving some base colour visible for a shaded effect.

    4 Paint the stalks with a blend of one part tea green and two sandalwood. Trace four leaf arrangements onto the rim keeping them equally spaced, as shown. Colour with the same shade, curving the brush around the shape in smooth strokes.

    5 To finish, highlight the motifs with outliner, then add pink and green dots to the centre of each leaf arrangement.

  4. Tag - 1 Trace a cherry motif onto white card. Paint as for the previous projects, then leave to dry. Resize the design as desired on a scanner or colour photocopier and print.

    2 Trim the motif and mount onto a gingham backing sheet. Cut out, then layer onto green card. To finish, punch a hole in the top and thread narrow satin ribbon through, securing in a bow.

  5. Cherries Card - 1 Resize a cherry motif using a computer and scanner, as for the previous project. Print out, then tear along the edges to form a square panel, as shown.

    2 Mount onto green card, then trim. Adhere centrally to a red square blank with foam pads. Print or write 'I picked you' onto white, then fasten horizontally across the cherry motif.

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