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Brenda Harvey's zesty fruit set looks good enough to eat

What you need...
  • BEADS Polymer clay: fruit slices (PL001 mix), 10mm, Glass: fruits (czm-fruitmix), Acrylic: leaves, green, 24mm x 22.5mm, Seed, round: red; pink; green

  • FINDINGS Choker band, silver-plated, Kilt pin, silver-plated, Chain, silver-plated, 4mm, Clasp, toggle, silver, plated, Wire, bead stringing, green; silver-plated, 0.4mm, Crimp beads, silver-plated, Jump rings, silverplated, 7mm; 9mm, Earwires, silver-plated, Head pins, silver-plated

  • TOOLS Pliers: flat-nosed; round-nosed, Cutters, wire
  1. Choker Necklace - 1. Take 40cm of 0.4mm silver-plated wire and anchor it at the centre of a choker by wrapping one end tightly around the band three times. Thread a fruit slice onto the wire, position so it sits flat and secure by wrapping the wire once around the band.

    2. Add a piece of glass fruit in the same way and continue along one side of the band, keeping the individual beads close together to form a clustered effect. When you reach the last 2cm of a length of wire, wrap it tightly several times around the band and hide the end by tucking it inside the clustered beads. Leave the last 8cm of the band clear then start again at the middle and work along the other side of the choker for the same distance.

    3. Once all of the fruit pieces are wired onto the band add pink seed beads to fill in some of the gaps. Start at one end and anchor a length of 0.4mm wire, as before, by wrapping it three times around the band. Thread continuously with the seed beads and wrap around and between the fruit pieces. Secure the final piece of wire by tightly wrapping it around the band then hide the end by tucking it inside the clustered beads.

    4. To finish, space five 9mm jump rings along the band and attach acrylic leaves using a 7mm jump ring for each.

  2. Make it yours - Create earrings by threading head pins with a citrus slice and seed beads, then attach to earwires.

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