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Create on-trend Nordic style, with Helen Cant’s festive fabric button set

What you need...
  • NECKLACE Round faceted Czech glass beads, 8mm, clear x 2, 10mm, siam red x 2, Silver/clear cathedral Czech glass beads, 10mm x 2,Snowflake charms x 2, Fabrics, Fair Isle, polka dot, Metal self-cover buttons, 29mm x 3, White filigree connectors, 36mm x 3, Jump rings, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, Head pins, Lobster clasp, Medium link trace chain x 42cm, Extension chain

  • TOOLS Pliers, round-nosed, flat-nosed, snipe-nosed, Wire cutters, Compass, Pencil, Tracing paper, Scissors, Tape measure, Epoxy resin glue
  1. Necklace - 1. Using a compass and pencil, draw a 53mm circle onto tracing paper. Mark a second 29mm circle centrally inside the first. Cut around the outer circle then position the template over a piece of Fair Isle print fabric. The central circle on the tracing paper represents the area which will be visible once the fabric is fixed to a cover button, so ensure it is positioned exactly over the desired section. Draw round the outer edge of the tracing paper onto the fabric, then cut out. Repeat to cut another circle of Fair Isle print fabric and a third from polka dot fabric.

    2. Using pliers, remove the metal shanks from three 29mm cover buttons, then fix a fabric circle to each. Prepare a small amount of epoxy resin glue according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and use to adhere the buttons onto white filigree connectors. Secure together using two 6mm jump rings between each. Cut two 21cm lengths of medium link trace chain and attach one to each of the end connectors.

    3. Thread a 10mm red bead and an 8mm clear bead onto a head pin and form a wrapped loop. Repeat to make a second pin. Create two more drops using a single 10mm clear and silver bead for each. Secure one of each bead drop, along with snowflake charms, to both sides of the necklace. Add a lobster clasp, 8mm jump ring and extension chain to the ends.

  2. Make it yours - Create matching hair grips by making up 19mm cover buttons and gluing onto filigree hair pin blanks.

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