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Get creative using polymer clay with Jane Kharade's floral jewellery set

What you need...
  • NECKLACE Fimo polymer clay, mint, lilac, white, translucent white, aqua, rose, raspberry, emerald, rose quartz, peppermint, Satin ribbon, 5mm, turquoise, aqua; organza ribbon, 25mm, white, Cord box ends, Jump rings, 6mm, Lobster clasp

  • TOOLS Pliers, round-nosed, flat-nosed, chain-nosed, Acrylic rolling pin, Large ceramic tile, Cutting blades or scalpel, Beading pins, Heart medium-sized metal cutter, Round medium-sized metal cutter, Metal ruler, Crochet needle
  1. Necklace - 1. Create four turquoise and six lilac 17mm round polymer clay beads, and nine peppermint spacer beads. Add large holes in the beads by gently inserting a crochet needle. Roll a piece of lilac clay into a 10mm rod, wrap a thick layer of aqua clay around it and put to one side (Fig.1). Roll raspberry polymer clay into six 12mm x 6cm rods. Wrap the raspberry petals with an even, thick layer of rose quartz clay (Fig.2.) Lay the rods on a tile and flatten them along one edge with a ruler to create a pear shape.

    2. Position the petals around the aqua and lilac core (Fig.3). Roll thin rods of aqua and press them between the petals. Roll out a sheet of aqua to a 2.5mm thickness and wrap the flower (Fig.4). Roll the cane gently to fuse the aqua outer wrap with the aqua inner rods and cut in half. Rub a small piece of paper over the rod to fuse the flowers together. Continue to roll the cane to make the flowers smaller. Cut nine thin slices and apply three slices of millefiori flowers equidistant around four lilac beads. Roll the beads gently in the palm of the hand to fuse the slices to the bead.

    3. Make a new cane by stamping out three hearts from white clay and fusing them together. Insert a thin lilac rod at the top of the heart and wrap the heart in lilac. Make up several rods of peppermint wrapped with lilac and continue adding to the heart cane. The initial cane will become smaller as each additional layer is added. Cut slices to decorate the remaining beads. When all the beads are decorated, re-shape the holes where necessary and bake according to the manufacturer's instructions. Thread a lilac bead, a spacer, then a turquoise bead onto three lengths of ribbon. Repeat until all the beads are threaded. Secure the ribbon ends with box cord ends, add a jump ring to one end and a clasp to the other side to finish.

  2. Make it yours - To create a matching bracelet, use the leftover flower cane from the necklace tutorial, fit into oval bezels and secure together using jump rings.

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