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Appeal to customers with a delicate pearl and polymer clay lily set

What you need...
  • BRACELET Pearl beads, 8mm x 17, FIMO Soft polymer clay, white, cherry red, FIMO Effects translucent polymer clay, Clear elasticated filament

  • TOOLS Pliers, round-nosed, flat-nosed, snipe-nosed, Wire cutters Soft chalk pastels, pink green, Crimson acrylic paint, Florist wire, Paper stamens, Kitchen foil, Ball tool, Glue
  1. Bracelet - Make a small lily and two red roses in the same way as for the necklace, then pierce a horizontal hole through the back of each flower. Cut a length of elasticated cord to fit your wrist size. Thread on a lily, with two pearls either side, then two roses followed by 13 pearls either side. Tie the ends of the elasticated cord in a tight knot and dab instant glue to secure.

  2. Make it yours - To create a matching gift box, make one lily and five red roses as before. Cover with decorative paper and secure the flowers. Add ribbon to finish.

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