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Transform the remnants from your sewing box into this charming Christmas wreath

What you need...
  • Fabric: cotton, printed, 50cm x 40cm; co-ordinating scraps, 10cm square
    Ribbon, patterned, gingham, satin
    Roses, ribbon
    Polyfill stuffing
  1. Christmas Wreath - Cut the large piece of fabric in half to make two sections, 50cm x 20cm. Sew together on the short ends to form a metre length and fold in half on the long edge, right sides together.

    Sew along the edges to make a long tube. Turn right side out and stuff with filling from both open ends to make the cylinder almost rigid. Fold in the raw ends and oversew together to form a wreath. Cover the stitching with a wide satin ribbon tied in a bow. This will be the top of the wreath.

    Using two scraps of fabric right sides together, draw a heart or star shape on one side, then sew around the guideline, leaving a gap for turning and stuffing. Trim away the excess fabric, turn out, stuff and sew up the gap.

    Make several shapes and trim with ribbon roses or tiny bows. Stitch the stuffed motifs around the wreath. Fill in any gaps with larger bows made from ribbon or strips of fabric slightly frayed to give a folk-style look. – fabrics, ribbons, ribbon roses

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