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Flower Garland By Lia Griffith

Designer: Crafts Beautiful
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Create a stunning garland to adorn your home with Lia Griffith

What you need...
  • Metallic papers in pink, orange, pale yellow and three shades of green
    Green embroidery floss
    Low temperature glue gun
    Scissors or a cutting machine
  1. Trim all the flower and leaf pieces using scissors or a cutting machine. Using your scissors, gently curl the petals of all the flowers.

  2. Add a dab of glue to the tab of the largest flowers (the orange ones). Form a cone with the petals curled outwards

  3. Add a dab of glue to the tab of the smaller flowers, the yellow and pink ones. Form a cone with the petals facing inwards

  4. Fold the tiny leaves in half and towards the center along the spine. Fold the larger leaves in half

  5. Thread pink ribbon onto a needle and thread through the center of one of the flowers. Continue to thread the flowers and leaves onto the ribbon until you have created the desired length of garland.

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