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Flower Crown

Designer: Corinne Bradd
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Create a summer-ready headpiece perfect for multiple occasions

What you need...
  • Coloured crepe paper
    25mm polystyrene balls
    2mm-3mm soft wire
    Florist’s wire
    Green ribbon
    Cotton thread
    Adhesives: PVA glue, florist’s tape
  1. Stamens - 1. Cut yellow crepe, 6cm along the grain and 3cm wide. Fold in half to make a square, and clip into the edges to a depth of 2cm. Unfold and roll the pieces of fringe between your fingers before refolding.

    2. Cut florist’s wire to 6cm long and bend over 5mm at one end with pliers. Apply glue to the folded edge of the fringe and wind the crepe paper around the wire, just below the bent end. Secure with a wrap of cotton thread tied tightly.

  2. Petals - 1. Choose two or three shades of similar coloured crepe paper and, using the templates provided on the pattern pages, cut several petals from each in line with the grain. Ease out the creases of the grain at the edges of each petal to shape.

    2. Apply glue to the base edge of a petal and wrap around the stamen’s wire. Allow to dry for a few seconds before adding another on the opposite side of the first wrap. Repeat to build up the flower.

    3. Tear a length of florist’s tape and while gathering the petals in one hand, wrap the tape around the base of them several times. Continue to wind the rest of the tape down the length of the wire.

  3. Leaves - Cut several leaf shapes along the grain of green crepe paper and gently ease out the creases in the middle of each leaf. Place the base of a leaf against the stem of a flower and secure by wrapping florist’s tape around the base only.

  4. Peony Flower - 1. Snip florist’s wire to 12cm and fold in half. Push the ends of the bent wire through the centre of a small polystyrene ball and twist together at the bottom.

    2. Cut a 4cm x 7cm rectangle of coloured crepe paper with the grain on the long edge. Stretch the paper to make a square and wrap over the ball, gathering the edges underneath and securing with cotton thread.

    3. Trim several wide petals from two or three similar colours of crepe paper and ease out the creases in the middle of each to make a bowl shape. Apply glue to the base of each petal and wrap them over the ball.

    4. As the flower builds up, stretch out the top edges of the petals as well as the centres so they fan out. Secure the base with some florist’s tape.

  5. Crown - 1. Bend the soft wire into a horseshoe shape. Start at the centre and wrap the flower stems around the thicker wire. Secure the join by wrapping well with florist’s tape.

    2. Add more flowers and leaves on either side, binding with plenty of florist’s wire, especially over the ends of the wire stems.

    3. Cover half the crown, then fill in the sides with leaves. Wrap the remaining 7cm-8cm at each side with florist’s tape, bend the ends to make loops and bind well. Thread ribbon through the loops, tighten to fit, then tie into a bow.

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