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Paint florals onto a glass gift set to enhance the décor...

What you need...
  • Glass paints: clear, carmine red, violet, dark green
  • Outliner, grey, imitation lead, Pebeo
  • Acetate, A4 sheets, two
  • Mirror, 18cm x 13cm
  • Clip frame, 18cm x 13cm
  • Vase, square
  • Tweezers
  • Sparkly gems: green, lilac
  • Brush, soft, fine
  • Mixing pots, four
  • Card: white, turquoise
  • Ribbons, organza
  • Tape
  • Foam pads
  • Craft knife
  1. Card - 1 Tape the pattern on your work surface then secure acetate on top. Outline the design, press sparkly gems in the middle of the flowers and leave to dry before painting. When dry trim around the cut lines. Apply spots of glue to the back of the acetate behind the gems and outlined flower stalks.

    2 Fix on white card, allow to dry then trim. Cut turquoise card to make a blank, 7cm x 12cm. Use foam pads to affix the painted acetate in the centre. Tie organza bows, glue them on the stems and leave to dry before moving.

  2. Frame - 1 Tape the pattern flat on your work surface and secure acetate on top. Ensure they’re both held firmly in place. Squeeze the tube of outliner gently until the paste starts to flow smoothly. Hold the tip just above the surface of the acetate and outline one flower at a time. Don’t touch the tip on the surface - imagine you’re piping onto a cake.

    2 Use tweezers to position a gem in the middle of the bloom and press down gently so the wet paste holds it in place. Continue in this way to outline the whole pattern, then leave for a couple of hours.Once dry, any leading you’re not happy with can be carefully cut and lifted with a sharp
    knife then re-applied.

    3 Pour clear paint into a mixing pot; a yoghurt or butter tub is fine for this. Add green paint a little at a time and mix thoroughly. Test the shade on a scrap of acetate and keep adding green until you’re happy with the result. Repeat with purple, turquoise and crimson paints. Refer to our picture
    for guidance, then paint the design.

    4 Use the paint quite generously and allow it to flow right up to the outline but be careful not to go over the edges. Paint the inside border green and leave for an hour so it becomes touch dry, but let it harden for a couple of days before fitting it into the frame.

    5 Position the mirror on the backing of the clip frame. Use a sharp knife to cut the painted acetate along the dashed cut lines. Place the acetate on
    top of the mirror and fix in place with the clips. Add the final flourish by fixing ribbons on the back then tie in bows.

  3. Vase - 1 Trim the pattern and place inside the vase. Tape it in place so it’s held firmly against one side of the vase. Outline the design as described
    before and press a gem in the centre of each flower.

    2 Repeat on the next side and leave to dry. Paint one side as described before and allow to dry before working on the next side. Leave to dry,
    then outline and paint the remaining two sides as previously described.

  4. Tag - 1 Tape the pattern and outline as previously described, then press a gem in the middle of each bloom. Paint, leave to dry then cut around the dashed lines. Put a spot of glue under each of the gems on the back of the acetate and fix on white card.

    2 Trim the card around the edges of the acetate. Trim turquoise card, 6cm x 7cm, and punch a threading hole through one of the short sides. Use foam pads to secure the painting in the centre and tie the tag with ribbons.

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