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Floral Keepsake Box

Designer: Ellen Kharade
crafts, fabric, floral, keepsake box,

Use this trinket box to store your most treasured possessions

What you need...
  • Fabric, cotton, floral, green
  • Embroidery thread, pink
  • Button, pink
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ric-rac, pink
  • Box, papier-mache, square
  1. Mix acrylic to the same shade as the fabric and sponge to the inside of the box and lid. Cover the back of a strip of floral fabric with double-sided tape and trim, 4.5cm x 23cm.

  2. Wrap the tape around the box, snip the corners of the fabric and fold the excess to the base of the box. Cover the back of a square of floral fabric with
    double sided-tape and trim, 6mm square.

  3. Peel the backing off the tape and stick the fabric square to the base of the box. Cover a square of fabric with double-sided tape and cut slightly smaller than the top of the lid.

  4. Peel the backing off and stick to the top of the box. Stick ric rac around the lid of the box. Using pink thread, sew false stitches through the button holes and adhere to the top.

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