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Create these pretty Christmas greetings, all using snowflakes as their central theme

What you need...
  • Card, turquoise, pale turquoise, white
    Paper: patterned, lilac, circles; blue, iridescent; turquoise; lilac
    Clay, pink, white, Fimo
    Shaped cutters, star, large, circle, small
    Rubber stamps, snowflake, small, medium
    Ribbon, white narrow
    Craft foil
    Wire form, snowflake ornament
    Crystals, Swarovski: pink, flat-backed; Clear bi-cone AB; Jet x2 AB
    Paint, glass, violet Marabu
    Foam pads, 3-D
  1. Clay Snowflakes - Fold turquoise card, 21cm square, in two. Trim pale turquoise card, 4.8cm x 19cm, and stick it centrally down the blank. Roll out pink and white fimo clay to 2mm thick, and press snowflake rubber stamps into each shade. Cut out three large pink stars and four small circles.

    Glue a small length of ribbon to each of the pink stars. Stick to the front and back of the card so the stars dangle slightly. Finish off by adding four Swarovski crystals and the white snowflakes circles.

  2. Purple Circles - Fold white card, 15cm x 21cm, in two. Snip iridescent blue paper, 7cm x 15cm rectangle and stick centrally to the card. Trim a 2.8cm strip of lilac circled paper and fix to the blue paper. Using a five pence piece, draw three circles onto a sheet of foil and carefully cut them out.

    Lightly mark out the snowflakes with a fine marker, and emboss them with a blunt pencil. Lightly colour with violet glass paint and once dry, attach them to the card using sticky pads. Print 'HAPPY CHRISTMAS' in lilac Times New Roman. Cut the greeting into strips and stick them onto the card.

  3. Crystal Tips - Fold white card, 15cm x 21cm, in two. Trim turquoise paper, 9cm x 15cm, and adhere to the blank. Snip a 6cm x 15cm strip of lilac paper and fix onto the turquoise paper. Start threading 4mm crystal beads, onto the snowflake wire blank.

    Complete each spoke in turn, bending the end of the wire with strong pliers, to create a small loop. Try threading two or three different colours onto the wire to create different combinations. When the snowflake is completed, thread on a length of lilac organza ribbon and attach to the back of the card with sticky tape. - Fimo, pink (61) white (0), shaped cutters - Embossing foil (99 538 91), Winter Holiday Rubber Stamp (4502438) Effco Hobby Products - Marabu Glas Art 450 Violet - Snowflake Ornament Wire Form and 4mm crystals

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