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Follow our simple guide to create a festive door hanger

What you need...
  • Candle rings, floral
  • Florist's wire
  • Rope cord
  • Ribbon, Christmas
  • Christmas decorations and/or baubles
  1. Take two small floral candle rings and wire together, back to back. Tie a long piece of rope cord to the top, to create a handle. Make a ribbon band around the centre and tie into a bow on the top to hide your mechanics.

  2. Repeat with two large decorative candle rings. Next, take one small floral candle ring and tie a rope hanger and bow on top. Cut three pieces of ribbon, approximately 10cm, and secure one to the top of each Christmas decoration with the rope hanger.

  3. Lay all your components out on the table, starting with the smallest on the bottom, finishing with the largest at the top. Tie firmly with a knot on the top when you are happy with your placements. Tie a rope loop and make a bow to secure on the loop. To finish, tie the bow and rope loop to the top of the hanger and cut off any loose ends.

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