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Felt Stitched Girl’s Card

Designer: Sally Southern

Tempt your child into taking her first stitches with this neat sewing kit

What you need...
  • Felt: purple, deep pink, pale pink, orange, green, blue
  • Embroidery thread: pink, orange, purple, blue
  • Sequins, pink
  • Seed beads, pink
  • Ribbon, blue
  • Vanishing pen or chalk
  • Press-stud
  • Card: blue
  • Pins & needles
  1. Card - 1 Cut blue card 10cm x 20cm and fold in half. Cut purple felt 8cm square and add running stitch around the edge in orange thread. Use the templates to cut a large flower from pink and a medium from orange. Cut a circle in green for the centre.

    2 Sew the flower in the middle of the purple felt with the large flower beneath the smaller one. Sew a sequin and bead in the centre. Fix beads around the outside edge of the green circle and add pink running stitch around the inside edge. Mount the picture onto the front of the card using double-sided tape.

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