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Faux Stitching Bright Easter Cards

Designer: Kath Stewart

Make your very own beautiful and unique Easter card this year with the help of Fiskars®.

What you need...
  • Fiskars® Tools
  • Personal Surecut Paper Trimmer (9893)
  • Universal Purpose Scissors (9853)
  • Continuous Stamping Wheel™ (5568)
  • Continuous Stamps - Dragonfly (5705)
  • Continuous Ink - Chocolate (5579)
  • ShapeCutter™ (4806)
  • ShapeCutter™ Template – Hearts (4855)
  • Squeeze Punch - Scalloped Heart (3777)
  • Squeeze Punch 7419 XL -Heart
  • Lever Punch - Circle (5472P)
  • Lever Punch - Butterfly (5466)

  • Materials
  • White Card Blank 10.5cm x 21cm
  • Yellow Pink and Green Paper
  • Black Fine Liner Pen
  • Ribbon
  • Sentiment Stamps
  • Double Sided Tape
  • 3D Foam Pads
  • Black Ink Pad
  • Brown Ink Pad
  1. Instructions - Step 1
    Cut yellow paper to be slightly smaller than the card blank. Use ShapeCutter™ and Hearts Template to cut out an aperture on the right hand side.

    Step 2
    Using Continuous Stamping Wheel™ and Dragonfly Stamp, stamp on a big of white paper larger enough to fit behind heart aperture. Fix to back of mat and then adhere to front of card using 3D Foam Pads.

    Step 3
    Punch 3 hearts from yellow paper using Squeeze Punch Scalloped Heart and fix to card as shown with 3D Foam Pads. Punch a circle from pink paper using Lever Punch Circle. Stamp with the "Happy" sentiment and fix to centre of flower.
    Using Black Fine Liner pen create a stitched stem.

    Step 4
    Punch 3 hearts from green paper using Lever Punch Heart and adhere to stem using 3D foam pads.

    Step 5
    Cut a thin strip of pink paper. Stamp with sentiment and fix across heart aperture with 3D foam pads.
    Punch 3 butterflies from yellow paper using Lever Punch – Butterfly. Draw stitching with Black Fine Liner Pen and fix to card with 3D foam pads.

    Ink the edges of all the elements before fixing with a brown ink pad (optional)

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