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Recreate the beauty of autumn in ellen kharade’s polymer clay set.

What you need...
  • BEADS Pearls, glass, 10mm: olive x 4; green x 5, Filigree, round, gold: 6mm x 5; 10mm x 6, Corrugated, round, 8mm, gold x 12, Crystals, faceted, 6mm, smoky brown x 19, Seed beads, green

  • FINDINGS Polymer clay, Fimo Classic, terracotta (74), Powder: gold; green iridescent, Bead caps, flower, gold x 18, Chain, gold-toned x 60cm, Jump rings, gold-toned, Head pins, gold-toned, Earring hooks, gold-toned, Clasp, gold-toned: toggle; caribiner

  • TOOLS Pliers: round-nosed; flat-nosed, Plunger cutters, PME: rose leaf, small, medium; ivy leaf, small, Needle, beading
  1. Necklace - 1. Condition half a block of terracotta polymer clay and roll into a flat sheet, 3mm thick. Using a medium plunge cutter, stamp out six leaves. Dust one half of each leaf with green iridescent powder and the other half with gold powder to achieve a two-tone look. Using a fine beading needle or cocktail stick, make neat holes in the top of the leaves.

    2. Pinch off evenly sized pieces of clay and roll into 8mm balls, keeping them all the same size. Place a little gold powder into a small container and roll the balls in this until they are an even colour. Make holes in the centre of the beads using a beading needle. Bake all of the beads and leaves in an oven for 20 minutes at 110°C.

    3. Thread six 10mm filigree gold beads onto head pins and form wrapped loops with round-nosed pliers, trimming the ends to size. Repeat with eight corrugated beads and eight smoky brown crystals. Thread the gold clay beads onto head pins, trim the ends and form plain loops. Slip a flower bead cap onto a head pin, followed by a large pearl, another bead cap and a green seed bead. Trim and make a neat loop, then repeat to make another six pearl drops.

    4. Thread all of the leaves onto 7mm jump rings and the bead drops onto 5mm jump rings. Cut 39cm of chain and attach all of the beads and leaves to the links, spacing them evenly as you do so. Secure 7mm jump rings at each end of the necklace and add a toggle clasp to finish.

  2. Make it yours - To stop the clay from sticking when making the leaves, dust the plunger cutter with a little talcum powder.

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