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Embroider a Bird Pendant

Designer: Lucinda Ganderton
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Get creative with Lucinda Ganderton's pretty stitched design

What you need...
  • NECKLACE Blooming Felt mini frame kit, White cotton fabric, 18cm square, Small embroidery frame, Embroidery thread, dark olive, light olive, turquoise, pink

  • TOOLS Embroidery needle, Glue, Sharp pencil
  1. Pendant - 1. Download and print the template from the link above. Place a piece of cotton centrally over the bird motif and trace around the lines using a sharp pencil. Draw a 7mm dotted cutting line around the design and place the fabric into a small embroidery frame. Using two strands of turquoise thread, back stitch over the body outline.

    2. Back stitch the tail feathers, the legs and the feet in two strands of dark olive thread. Stitch a French knot for the eye. Using two strands of pink thread, sew a French knot over each dot and satin stitch the wing. Back stitch around the wing in two strands of light olive. Carefully cut around the dotted line and sew a line of back stitch, 6mm from the edge of the circle.

    3. Draw up the thread halfway and place the backing circle inside. Pull the thread tight and arrange the gathers so that they are even. Stitching long threads, worked from side to side, will increase the tension. Insert the disc into the embroidery frame pendant and tighten the screw. Finally, glue the cover disc to the back.

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