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Create Helen Cant’s antique-style botanical set using vintage imagery and resin

What you need...
  • BEADS Flower, Czech glass, 10mm x 13mm: raspberry crush x 3; amethyst x 3, Leaf, glass, 18mm x 13mm, green x 4, Round, faceted, glass, 8mm: opaque turquoise x 6; rosaline x 6; topaz x 5, Round, glass, 4mm, yellow x 6, Charms, antique brass, keys: 26mm x 9mm x 2; 27mm x 12mm x 4

  • FINDINGS Bezels, antique brass-plated: 20mm, circle, rope-edged x 5; 40mm x 30mm, oval x 1 Brooch back bezel, antique brass-plated, 30mm, circle, Bezel ring blanks, antique brass, 20mm, circle, Jump rings, antique brass: 5mm x 28; 6mm x 8; 8mm x 5, Chain: curb, antique brass, medium link, large link; trace, antique brass, small link, Head pins, antique brass, Ear wires, antique brass, Clasp, antique brass: toggle; lobster

  • TOOLS Resin, doming and glazing, Gedeo, Printer, Paper, photo, A4, matt coated, inkjet, 170G, Measuring cups, graded in millilitres, Lolly sticks, Heat gun, Paint brush, Glue, PVA, Pliers: round-nosed; flat-nosed, Cutters, wire
  1. Earrings - 1. Download the PDF file for this project, Load a sheet of matt coated photo paper into your printer. For optimum printing, ensure your printer is set to its highest quality level in the preferences menu before printing. Afterwards, leave the paper for at least an hour to allow the ink to fully dry.

    2. Cut two small round printed images and adhere into small circular bezels, before coating with PVA glue. When fully dry, pour in a small amount of resin, remove any air bubbles and leave to cure. Attach a key charm to the bottom loop of each bezel with 5mm jump rings then fix earwires to the tops.

  2. Make it yours - For a great range of alternative imagery to create your own vintage-style designs, visit

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