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Make a mini egg basket, a Happy Easter card and a gift tag with this colourful set.

What you need...
  • Card
  • Box, plain
  • Ribbons, assorted
  • Fabrics, assorted
  • Buttons, assorted
  • Gems
  • Liquid Pearls
  • Papers, decorative
  • Paint, orange
  • Adhesives
  1. Egg Basket - 1 Paint a small oval shaped box in bright orange. Once dry, take a sharp-edged screwdriver and pierce a hole in each side so you can thread through ribbon for a handle. Tie in a knot at each end to secure.

    2 Trim yellow fabric just slightly smaller in width than the box. Cut three lengths of assorted ribbons. Using spray mount, fix one at the top and one at the bottom of the box, covering any rough edges left. Place the third strip in the centre. To finish, glue a pink polka dot button in the centre for decoration, and add the eggs!

  2. Gift Tag - 1 Cut out a base shape from thick card. Cover both sides with orange paper. Trim a slightly smaller triangle from cream and fix into place.

    2 Pierce two holes in each of the top corners and loop through a yellow ribbon for the hanger. Tie a bow in each corner. Draw one egg shape. Affix in
    the tag centre. Add detail with black pen and some Liquid Pearls.

  3. Card - 1 Completely cover a square card with yellow decorative paper. Trim a slightly smaller piece of bright orange polka dot design and glue into place on
    top of the former. Cut a final square from cream card and layer into position, as shown.

    2 Cut out the bunting for the card top from fabric, arrange into style, shape and glue down. Trim the egg shapes from five contrasting fabrics and secure in position.

    3 Follow our photograph as a guide to complete all the pen work. Draw lines for egg hangers, some bows and the stitching effect around the bunting.
    Write a greeting in a contrasting colour, and finish the card by embellishing with Liquid Pearl detailing and gems.

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