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Whip up authentic Easter decor in no time with this simple project

What you need...
  • White eggs, fresh or plastic
    Acrylic paints
    Paintbrushes, assorted sizes
    Burnishing tools
    Gingham ribbon
    Adhesives: PVA; spray
    Hot glue gun
    Masking tape
  1. Preparing the Eggs - 1 If using fresh eggs, clean any dirt from the shells first, using a solution of water with a sterilising tablet for babies' bottles. Stick a piece of masking tape over the top and base of each egg – this helps to prevent the shell from cracking when pierced. Make a small hole at the top and a slightly larger one at the base with a needle or large pin. As you do this, push the needle into the egg and try to break up the yolk and white, making it slightly easier to remove.

    2 Blow through the hole at the top of the egg to push the contents out through the base. Once some of the white has emerged, shake the egg vigorously to combine the yolk and white – the remains should then blow out with much less effort. Wash the inside of the egg out, again using a solution of sterilising fluid, and leave to dry thoroughly before decorating.

  2. Decoupage Eggs - Cut out shapes from decoupage paper, either flowers or leaves from a design or random designs. Paint the area where the first piece is to be stuck with PVA glue, then carefully lay on the paper. Smooth gently with your fingertips, then brush over it with glue, making sure the creases are flattened. Don’t touch the paper again as it will tear. Leave to dry, then repeat on a different area until the whole surface has been covered.

  3. Plain Eggs - Apply your chosen paint with a small sponge to create a flat, even colour. Hold the egg between the top and base, twisting it to cover the surface with paint. Leave to
    dry, then sponge the top and base to complete.

  4. Hanging Eggs - Cut lengths of ribbon long enough to wrap around the egg from top to bottom and up again. Spray the back of each piece with adhesive and stick them to the egg to create a segment effect. Snip another section of ribbon and tie a bow in one end, leaving a loop above. Using a hot glue gun, fix the bow to the top of the egg, neatly covering the ends of the wrapped ribbons.

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