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Daisy Chains

Designer: Ellen Kharade
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Create this pretty daisy set by making your own moulds, resulting in unique beads.

What you need...
  • Polymer clay, white, lemon, lilac, vanilla, aqua, rose
  • Pink pearl beads, 8mm x 10
  • Flower-shaped buttons, small, large
  • Jump rings
  • Head pins
  • Carabiner clasp

  • Polymer clay, white, lemon, lilac,vanilla, aqua, rose, raspberry
  • Pink pearl beads,8mm x 6
  • Green pearl beads, 6mm x 6
  • Flower-shaped buttons, small, large
  • Loose chain
  • Jump rings
  • Head pins
  • Eye hooks
  • Carabiner clasp

  • Basic Jewellery
  • Making Kit
  • Polymer Clay Kit
  • Silicone moulding compound
  • Hobby drill and fine drill bit
  • Fine bead piercing needle
  • Instant super glue
  1. Necklace - 1. Fill up the holes in a large flower-shaped button with polymer clay, then smooth over the surface. Mix up silicone moulding compound following the manufacturer's instructions and press the button into the compound. Leave the mould for five minutes until set, then gently ease the button out.

    2. Roll out a small ball of yellow polymer clay and push into the centre of the mould. Place white clay into the mould on top of the yellow. Press down well to achieve a good impression, then gently pop the clay flower out. Make another four flowers in this way and bake according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    3. Create a mould of a small flower button, and make two lilac, two aqua, three vanilla and three rose flowers from polymer clay. Bake all of the pieces. Roll out small balls of white clay and place in the centre of the coloured flowers, flattening them down slightly with a finger. Bake again.

    4. Drill a hole through the centre of each flower. Thread all the flowers onto head pins, trimming both ends to size and turning into neat loops.

    5. Thread 10 pink pearl beads onto head pins in the same way. Open up the looped end on one large flower and connect to a small flower. Link all of the flowers and beads together in this way, alternating between small and large flowers and adding pearls, using the photo as a guide. Secure a jump ring to each end of the necklace and a clasp to finish.

  2. Bracelet - 1. Make up small and large flower moulds as for the necklace. Create five large daisies and four small flowers in aqua, vanilla, rose and lilac. Roll out six 8mm balls of raspberry clay. Bake then drill holes through these and the small flowers. Thread each one onto a head pin, trim the ends and turn into neat loops.

    2. Make a small pilot hole in the top of a daisy bead. Apply a little instant glue, then screw an eye hook into the hole. Repeat for the remaining daisy beads. Thread six pink and six green pearl beads onto head pins, making plain loops after each one.

    3. Cut a piece of loose chain to the desired length. Attach the daisy beads evenly along the chain using jump rings. Position the small flower beads and round beads in between. Fix jump rings to either end of the chain and a clasp at one end to finish.

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