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Crochet Egg Basket

Designer: Virginia Coppins
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Create a crochet egg basket in time for Easter!

What you need...
  • Yarn, Stylecraft cotton,100g, white
  • Hooks, 2.5; 3.5
  • Craft wire
  • Bow, satin, six
  • Glue, fabric
  1. Crochet Pattern - Using 3.5 hook, chain stitch (ch) 5, slip stitch (sl st) into 1 stitch. Chain stitch to form a ring.

    ROW 1: 2ch, 6 double crochet (dc) c into ring sl st into top of 2 ch
    ROW 2: 2 ch, 2dc into each dc all round sl st into top of 2ch.
    ROW 3: 2ch * 1 dc into each of the next 2dc. 2dc into next dc *repeat from * sl st into top of 2ch.
    ROW 4 2ch. 1dc into each dc all round. sl st into 2 ch.
    ROW 5 and 6 repeat row 3.
    ROW 7-11 2ch. 1dc. into each dc all round sl st into 2 ch.
    ROW 12 do not make 2 ch. 1dc into each dc all round. Break yarn.

  2. Joining Compartments - 1 Each compartment will have two seams where rows have been joined. Place two compartment seams together and sew up. Join the other compartments in the same way.

    2 Then place all six together and sew. Push the base of the compartment in slightly which will flatten to form a more solid base. Glue flowers into position.

  3. Handle - 1 Using the 2.5 hook and leaving the wire attached to the reel, take one end and bend back, to approximately, 2.5cm.

    2 Place the hook under the bend of the wire, draw up the yarn and secure with a single crochet stitch. Make 6 dc around the wire (placing hook under
    the yarn and drawing yarn through).

    3 Twist wire around stitches to secure, then work 150 dc along the rest of the wire. Break yarn and wire (allowing 2.5cm to bend back over last six stitches to secure). Wrap around egg basket and sew along base and sides.

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