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Create an agate effect with Ellen Kharade's polymer clay necklace set

What you need...
  • NECKLACE FIMO Effect polymer clay, 56g, translucent x 3, purple translucent x 1, ruby quartz x 1, rose quartz x 3, FIMO Soft white polymer clay, Pink pearl beads, 8mm x 16, Clear fishing line filament, 0.40mm, Jump rings, 5mm, Flower toggle clasp, Calottes, Crimp beads

  • TOOLS Pliers, round-nosed, flat-nosed, chain-nosed, Wire cutters, Round cutters, 8mm, 15mm, Fine beading needle, Glass tile, Denim cloth, Beeswax, Glue
  1. Necklace - Divide two 56g blocks of translucent clay in half. Add two 2mm balls of purple translucent clay to one strip, combine well and roll into a thin sheet. Add one 1mm ball of purple translucent clay to the next translucent strip, combine and roll into a thin sheet, slightly thicker than the first. Add two 1mm balls of ruby quartz to one strip of translucent clay, combine and roll out into a thin sheet. Cut a block of rose quartz clay in half and roll one section into a flat sheet. Condition the remaining translucent section and roll these into sheets the same thickness as the purple translucent clay. Condition a block of white clay and roll out into a very thin sheet.

  2. Using a 15mm round cutter, cut out discs from each sheet. Stack a light purple disc, followed by dark purple, then light purple. Continue building up the layers, then add one white disc in the centre of the stack. Begin to add the quartz shades, gradually getting lighter as you build it up. Add 13 discs in total. Roll the bead on a smooth surface, such as a glass tile, until the layers have fused, the bead is smooth and it reaches 2cm in length. Make a hole in the centre with a beading needle. Repeat to make another 14 faux banded beads and bake to the manufacturer's instructions. Once cool, apply a small amount of beeswax to each bead and buff on a denim cloth until a high sheen is achieved.

  3. Cut a 55cm length of fishing line filament and thread on a calotte followed by two crimp beads. Pass the end of the filament back through the crimp bead next to the calotte, squeeze both crimp beads shut then close the calotte. Thread on a pearl followed by a faux banded stone bead then repeat until all of the beads are strung or the necklace is the desired length. Repeat step 3 from the beginning, thread jump rings onto the calottes and attach a toggle and clasp each end to finish.

  4. Try another... - Thread a pearl, a faux banded bead then another pearl onto a head pin, trim and loop. Add an earwire to the top and repeat for the other earring.

  5. Make it yours - We've used purple shades to emulate a banded agate stone, but you could easily change the colour scheme to shades of green, blue or brown.

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