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Create an agate effect with Ellen Kharade's polymer clay bracelet

What you need...
  • FIMO Effect polymer clay, 56g: translucent x 1, purple translucent x 1, ruby quartz x 1, rose quartz x 1
  • FIMO Soft polymer clay, white
  • Pink pearl beads, 8mm x 8
  • Clear elasticated filament
  • TOOLS: pliers, round-nosed, flat-nosed, chain-nosed; wire cutters; round cutters, 8mm, 15mm; fine beading needle; glass tile; denim cloth; beeswax; glue
  1. Make five sheets of clay and roll out, as for the necklace. Using an 8mm round cutter, cut the sheets into discs and assemble into stacks of 11. Start with the darker colour and finish with the paler transparent discs. Make up eight beads in total and create holes in the centre of each using a beading needle.

  2. Bake the beads to the manufacturer's instructions and once cool, buff to a high sheen. Cut a length of elasticated filament and thread on pearls and faux banded stone beads, alternating them until the correct length is achieved. Tie the ends in a double knot and add a spot of glue.

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