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Make a metallic bouquet with Jill Alblas' necklace set

What you need...
  • BROOCH Red and orange beads, assorted sizes, Copper head pins, Copper crimp beads, Copper sheet, Brooch back

  • TOOLS Pliers, round-nosed, flat-nosed, snipe-nosed, Wire cutters, Embossing tool with round tip, Dremel Versatip, Glue gun, Craft tweezers, Crimping pliers, Ballpoint pen, Scissors, Eyelet setter, Embossing mat, Non-stick baking paper
  1. Brooch - 1. Make a large and medium copper flower, as before. Thread a head pin with two to four beads and hold in place with a crimp bead. Repeat to make five beaded head pins. Place the large copper flower onto non-stick baking paper and glue the tips of the head pins in the middle. Adhere the medium size copper flower in the centre so the ends of the head pins are covered. Trim the heads from five head pins, bend to make petal shapes then glue the ends in the middle of the flower.

    2. Thread a small bead, then a large bead onto a head pin. Cut the head pin close to the base of the large bead and secure. Stick the beads in the centre of the flower to cover the ends of the head pin petals. Leave to set, then turn the decorated flowers over. Trim the heads from five head pins, bend them in petal shapes as before then glue onto the back of the large copper flower. Cut a 2.5cm copper disc and stick it to cover the ends of the head pin petals. Finally, adhere a brooch back in the centre of the copper disc.

  2. Make it yours - To create matching earrings, attach beaded head pins and decorative chains to jump rings, then attach to earwires.

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