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Use polymer clay and resin to recreate Ellen Kharade's faux mokume gane effect

What you need...
  • BANGLE Fimo Soft polymer clay, tangerine, raspberry, plum, Metallic gold flakes, Rhodium-plated cuff bangle blank

  • TOOLS Pliers, round-nosed, flat-nosed, chain-nosed, Chemset Standard resin ES 8102, Chemset hardener ES 8203, Digital scales, Mixing cup, Lolly sticks, Barrier cream, Clay roller, Glass or ceramic tile, Tissue blade, Assorted clay tools and small cutters
  1. Bangle - 1. Make up a mokume gane coloured stack as for the necklace. Slice off thin veneers and roll onto a base of plum clay. Make a card template for the bezel in a bangle blank, and use to cut a section from the mokume gane clay. Place the clay piece into the bezel, smooth with your finger then add a few gold flakes and bake.

    2. Make up 10g of resin and 5g of hardener = 15g of resin in total. Carefully fill the bezel with the resin, cover and leave to dry out overnight. Trim away any resin drips with a scalpel to neaten.

  2. Make it yours - Create matching earrings by making up two individual bracelet bezels with mokume gane clay and resin, then attaching earwires.

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