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Create these colour blended designs for a Halloween trick or treat party

What you need...
  • Cardstock, A4 Bristol board pad (250gsm)
  • Coloured pencils, Bruynzeel Design
  • Blending medium, Zest-It Pencil Blend
  • Tortillions paper stumps
  • Patterned paper, purple polka dot
  • Twine, orange
  • Adhesives

  1. Print off or copy the design. Using a light orange pencil, colour in the pumpkin image working within the lines of the motif.

  2. Dip the tortillion paper stump into the Zest-it fluid and carefully blend out the coloured pencil lines until smooth.

  3. Use a darker orange pencil to add shading to the pumpkin where you want to create depth and shadow. Go in again with the blending fluid and soften the shading, adding more colour if needed.

  4. Colour in the rest of the Halloween characters using the same technique. Trim and matt onto an A6 blank, add a strip of purple polka dot paper across the bottom, then wrap twine around the join to finish.

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