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Designer: Corinne Bradd
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Present your Soap Kitchen goodies in decorative bags and boxes

What you need...
  • Soap Kitchen Melt and Pour soaps
    Cardstock: pink, yellow, orange
    Patterned papers
    Stamps, alphabet
  1. Matchbox - 1 Score each side of a 10cm square, 2cm in from the edge. Snip the intersections of the score line to make tabs, then glue together to create a tray, 6cm square and 2cm deep.

    2 Cut plain card, 6cm x 18cm. Mark the centre and score 3cm out at either side, then 2.2cm out from these lines. Fold the scored strip around the tray, ensuring the fit is not too tight, then glue the overlap to make a sleeve. Wrap with patterned paper, overlapping strips on the underside if necessary.

    3 Fold patterned paper, 2.5cm x 8cm, in half twice. Clip into a half bow shape, open out and stick the ends together. Secure the centre with a narrow strip of co-ordinating paper and fix to the top of the sleeve.

  2. Pretty Box - 1 Cut coloured card, 12cm x 17.5cm. Score down the long sides, 1cm and 3cm from both edges, then across the card 2cm, 8cm, 10cm and 16cm from the left. The remaining 1.5cm on the right will form the tuck-in flap for the lid.

    2 Clip the intersections around the base of the box to make tabs, then glue together to create a tray with two side flaps. Round off the corners, then fold in. Repeat with the lid tab, checking the fit.

    3 Cut patterned paper, 10cm square, then score 2cm in from each side and trim away the intersections. Fold in the side to make a liner, check the fit and cut if necessary before gluing inside the tray.

    4 Decorate the lid and sides of the box with patterned paper, then add a bow. Stamp a message onto card, 1.5cm x 5cm, then round off the corners and attach as shown.

  3. Mini Bags - 1 Cut coloured card, 9cm x 21cm, then score 2cm in from one long edge. Mark the centre of the strip, then score in the opposite direction, 3cm out from either side. Repeat again from these lines at 1.5cm and 3cm to form the side gussets of the bag.

    2 Crease the bottom score line, then concertina fold the side gussets. Fix the overlapping card at the back. Turn in the base of the bag, then diagonally crease the corners. Glue together, then reinforce with card.

    3 Decorate the bag with patterned paper, 6cm x 7cm. Cut two matching strips, 1.5cm x 13cm. Fold the long edges into the centre and glue. Crease them at a right angle, 5cm from each end, to make handles. Stick to the front and back of the bag, adding a paper bow and sentiment to finish.

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